Program Song Eun Artspace for OVNi Festival

Song-Eun ArtSpace presents: Evanesce, from Park, Jihye




Single channel video, soundtrack, 5’ 52”, 2015

Evanesce 6min video, is a narrative of a young Korean woman wandering through the forest. The subtle and obscure emotions that cannot be defined, suggest the psychological suppressions that exist within human relationships and the violent of desires of individuals.

Park, Jihye

Born in 1981 in Busan, Korea, artist Park, Jihye studied fine arts and art history at Goldsmiths, University of London in the UK. She has been continuously interested in developing video works relating to human emotions and psychology. The time in the works moves slower than it does in real time, capturing only the movements of performers. The video does not specify the actual event in detail, but the sound effects and music abstractly influence and lead the overall emotional state of the work.