Program of Pavillon Bosio for Ovni Video Festival

The Pavillon Bosio Presents: Oscar Club, from Lucie Audau and Inès Panizzi



Oscar Club , 2015, 5’31


Emptied of its audience, a theatre becomes the privileged habitat of passing presences. In this ecosystem, the inside and the outside, the true and the factitious, the moving and the inert dance in a close embrace, lit by shifting lights. When the experience of theatrical fiction has suspended the feeling of the real, the film exploits porous borders, by deploying itself out of its projection. Various elements invade the space, like a extension of the theatre, which has transformed into a autonomous body. Caught in this meta representation, spectators and fictive identities coexist.

Lucie Audau

Born on a Monday
Studies : Bachelor Duperré, Paris – Erasmus University, Hannover- Master Duperré, Paris – Master 2 Pavillon Bosio, Monaco
Delighted by words. Stays careful about their reductive ability. Works as well as possible to expand her living and contemplative freedoms. Constructs wobbly micro-cosmogonies. Flees usually representation to reach sensation. Sketches connections, plays ping-pong. Let her sometimes-inhabited-universes take gently their visitors aback.

Inès Panizzi


Born in Chamonix (France) in 1989, lives and works in Nice.
She studied at the Pavillon Bosio, School of Fine Arts of Monaco, where she graduated in 2015. Her work, developed over drawings, videos, sculptures and installations, is informed by a reflexion on the stage, the set. The ambiguous position of the actor, through which internal and external points of reference travel, is a pivotal figure in her practice, that seeks to crystallise the moments when borders become porous.