Program of l’ECLAT for OVNi Video Festival

L’ECLAT presents: Sleepers, from Abbas Kiarostami



Abbas Kiarostami, Sleepers

Production : Galerie de France / MK2
Work created for the Venise Biennale, 2001
Ceiling projection onto a white surface on the floor, approximately 200 x 165 cm
Courtesy of Galerie de France, Paris
A young couple endure a restless sleep perturbed by the noise of the city and the sweltering heat of the night.
What does a person watching over a dormant body see ? Of their two bodies ? Their exchanges, their agreements, their missed connections…… Each movement from the sleeping bodies corresponds to a rubbing noise melding with the sounds of people; their bags, their clothes, their slightest motions. Sleepers is not a video but an installation video, which in interrogating sleep reveals the subject’s mystery in a place where the conscious and the unconscious, the private and the public cross paths.

Isabelle Davy – Paris Art