Program of La Villa Arson for OVNi Video Festival


La Villa Arson presents: Etat d’âme, State of the Mind, from Rafaela Lopez



Etat d’âme, State of the Mind

2015, Digital film, 18 min
Production Royal College of Art, with the support of Bosse & Baum
Etat d’âme, State of the Mind is a film project directed by artist Rafaela Lopez.
The film combines both fiction and documentary genres as well as employing the structure of reality TV shows.

“Etats d’âme” is a french expression without an accurate english translation. The translation would be situated somewhere between the literal translations “state of mind” and “state of soul”. However, “state of the mind” is not a synonym of “états d’ame”. It is a subtitle that raises the game of relationship between the expression’s nuances of meanings, between intuition and conception.
Etat d’âme, State of the Mind, follows the lives of a group of sculptures, made by artists from the Royal College of Art. Although the artists feature in the film, it is the sculptures which are conducting a daily retrospective, metaphysical and reflective speech upon their own existence.

Participant artists
Saelia Aparicio – Philippe Darendinger – Jamie Fitzpatrick – Laura O’Neill – Valentina Pini –
Natalie Price Hafslund – Lucia Quevedo – Marco Strappato – Sam Tierney – Julia Varela

Original musics
Andrew Claristidge (Acid Washed) – Benjamin Blaquart – Crash Normal – Diederdas –
Anne-Sophie Le Creurer – Sarah Maison – Mother – Rhodes Tennis Court – Maxime Peloni

Jingle conception : Benjamin Magot
Direction of photography : Margaux de Sermoise
Graphic design : Virginie Diner
Visuel effects : Jonas Stuckenbrock


Rafaela Lopez

Born in 1988, Paris
Lives and works in London and Paris
Rafaela Lopez has studied at the Arts Décoratifs of Paris, the Villa Arson (Nice) and the Royal College of Art (Londres). Her work spreads inbetween sculpture and collaborative projects. She is interested into the emotional and cultural content of the objects ; the status of the artwork intogroups and communities. Thus, the artworks comes alive, they interact with the public or with themselves, they are having a social life.